Thursday, October 27, 2011

Catching Up (Copied from Facebook posts--September)

from September 29, 2011

I was talking with Em about her first class field trip tomorrow--a trip to a pumpkin patch. I told her we'd have to pack a lunch for her to take; she said, "Emma pack yunch."
I just opened her backpack, and here is a list of everything she had CRAMMED in there. Apparently, this is what she considers important to take to the pumpkin patch: winter coat, lightweight jacket, teddy bear, black patent leather shoes, pair of pants, a long-sleeved (turtleneck) shirt, a pair of socks, a pen, 2 pieces of blank white paper, a tube of crescent rolls, a tub of Philadelphia cream cheese, a pudding cup, 4 cheese sticks, a Capri Sun pouch, a stack of about 22 paper plates, and a stack of about 50 napkins.

from September 28, 2011

On Monday I bought a cheapie new Sterilite (plastic) pitcher with a great snapto-close lid. I made some lemonade in it for supper that night. Tuesday morning, when I got up, I walked by the trash can in the kitchen, and what do I see, but my brand-new pitcher in the garbage!
I said, "What in the world?!? Who threw my brand new pitcher away?!?"
Emma said, "Emma frow way."
I said, "Em! Just because it's empty does not mean it's garbage. That's brand new; I JUST bought it yesterday!"
She looked at me, said, "O-kay," and then walked over to garbage and pulled out the empty milk jug and the empty Powerade bottle that were also in the garbage, and brought them over to me. "Heyah (here), Mommy. Sowwy."

September 26, 2011

Oh, dear. Oh, my. How I wish my computer would let me upload pics. I have been listening to Em puttering around in the bathroom, but (probably against my better judgment), I let her be. She just came out....Now I see why she was in there for so long....
Lipstick on her lips (and above and below them, as well). Eye liner (several lines) across her forehead. Mascara all over her eye lids. Blush (I think??) on her eye lids, too. Foundation smeared across her cheeks, in two thick stripes. And the beauty queen just keeps wanting to kiss me. "Emma pwetty, Momma. Emma pwetty." ♥♥♥♥♥ (I'm sure if you saw me, after all these kisses I've received, I probably mirror Em's makeup pretty closely! LOL)

And......I *just* noticed, as she was walking away (from yet another kiss!) that she found the hair clips, too. 4 of them are now gracing the back of her head! (Along with the 2 barrettes and pony tail that she already had!) LOL

Catching Up (Some Posts I've Cut & Pasted from my Facebook page--October)

from October 20, 2011 9:00 pm
Overheard in my house in the last 2 minutes:
"Oh, soup nuts!" (Emeline's favorite expression for when she's frustrated. I have no idea where it came from; I'm guessing she made it least I don't remember SpongeBob ever saying "Oh, soup nuts!") Maybe I just missed it ????
"Nigh-night time! Yaaaaaaay!" as she runs to get into bed. (Don't be envious. That will last all of 15 seconds, and then she'll be back out here again....)

from October 20, 2011 9:00 am
Today is picture day at school for Emeline. She was SO excited. They put a "Don't forget it's Picture Day!" sticker on the kids' shirts yesterday before they were dismissed. She must have 'remembered' 10 different times last night. She'd be in her room playing, and all of a sudden, come RUNNING out, yelling, "Mom! No Foh-get! Pic-ture Day! To-mah-woah! No Foh-get!" I'd reply, "Okay, Em. I won't forget." And she'd go back to her room.....only to repeat the same exact scenario ten minutes later. LOL


Em must have been having SOME dream early this morning. At 4:00 she woke me up by yelling at the top of her lungs, "DOGGIES!!!!" ROFL When I woke her up this morning, I said, "Em, did you dream about... doggies last night?" She looked at me like, "How did you know that?!?" And the she started cracking up. "Yep," she said. "Bah-jo and Cay-cane FUN-NY!" (Banjo and Candy cane are our two beagles.) Silly girl! ♥♥♥

from October 15, 2011
Barb D. loves a girl who knows what she wants. Emeline came in carrying a box of spaghetti and a jar of Prego. Mom! Sketti! Emma hungry! ♥ wouldn't be the first time we've had spaghetti for breakfast. (But Daddy is definitely NOT a it probably won't be happening today. LOL)

from October 10, 2011
Dear Emeline,
Putting all of the kitchen towels and dishcloths inside the stove was a mean trick.
I'm just thankful I noticed it before I turned the oven on tonight. Next time, please put them away in the drawer, rather than the oven. Thank you.
Love, Mommy

Our Daily Conversations On the Way to School

If you were riding in the car with us in the morning, this is the conversation you would hear. Every day. :)

"We ah we?" (Where are we?)

"You tell me where we are."

"In da cah. Sool." (In the car. School.)

"That's right. We're in the car, going to school."


"We ah we?"

Repeat entire conversation two more times, or until we get to the end of our road, whichever comes first.

Once we turn onto Hwy 63 (7 miles still to go before we get to town), the animal watch begins.

"Whey cows?" (Where are the cows?)

The cows are up here, on the right. Just wait a minute, and we'll see them.


"We ah we? Oh, COWS! Oh, no! COWS! Goo Moh-ning, Cows! Goo Moh-ning!" (wave, wave, wave)

I also greet the cows. "Good morning, Cows!" Because that's the way we roll. ;)

"Toooo many cows."

"Yes, there are quite a few. Can we count them?"

"Oh, No. Toooo many. One, two, OH NO! Hoh-sie! (Horsie) Too many hoh-sie! Goo Moh-ning, Hoh-sie! Goo Moh-ning! Mom, Goo Moh-ning Hoh-sie!"

Okay, I will. "Good morning, Horses!"

"Tooooooo many hoh-sies."

"Yes, there ARE a lot of horses, aren't there."

"Oh NO! Cows! Moh cows! (More cows!) "Goo Moh-ning, Cows!"

Repeat entire conversation every time we pass cows or horses. (About 7 times, I'm pretty sure.)

The last mile before we get into town, there are no more animals. So I seize the moment.

"Em, what kind of note do I want to read tonight in your Notebook?"

"Goo Note."

"That's right. I want a good note. What do you need to do, to make sure it's a GOOD note that your teacher writes to me?"


"That's right. When she says it's time to stop coloring, you stop RIGHT THEN. Right?"


"When she says it's time to line up, you line up RIGHT THEN. Right?"


"What else do you need to do, to make sure it's a good note in your notebook tonight?"

"No pinch fwends."

"Uh-huh. No pinching. What else?"

"No huht fwends."

"Yep. No hurting friends. Keep your hands OFF of other people, right?"


"Anything else you should do?"

"Be nice."

"That's right. Anything else?"

"Hahd wook."

"That's right. You should work hard. Do your VERY BEST. No piddle-poking around, right?"

"Yight! Oh, NO!"

"What's wrong?"

"Daddy miss Emma."

(Notice her skill at changing the subject? I'm pretty sure I didn't learn that until at least junior high. LOL)

"Yes, Daddy misses you when you're at school. But he's at school, too, working hard, and he wants YOU to work hard at school, too. He wants to see a good note tonight that says, "Emma worked hard and had a GREAT day today. You know that?"

"Yep. Poh Daddy miss Emma." (Poor daddy misses Emma.) "Daddy key-eye." (Daddy cry.)

"I'm pretty sure Daddy doesn't cry when he's at school, but I know that he is thinking about you, and that he is hoping you are having a good day, and obeying, and working hard."

"Yep. Daddy key-eye." (Daddy cry.)

I have learned there is no debating this subject. She is firm in her belief that Daddy cries when he's at school, because he misses her that much. There is no changing her mind.

By now we're just a few blocks from school. We start seeing school buses.

"Mom! Sool Bus! Fwends!"

"That's right! There's the buses. Some of your friends are on the buses, aren't they?"


"Oh NO!"



"What about your friends?"

"Fwends sad Emma no sool."

"Your friends are sad when you're not in school?"


"But you're going to be in school today, so they won't be sad, right?"

"Yeah. Fwends happy."

"Okay. Here we are. You have a good day. Be a good listener and what else?"


"That's right. When you have a good day, you make Mommy happy, and Daddy happy, but most importantly, you make Jesus happy, right?"

"Yight. Momma happy."

"That's right. You make Grandma happy, too."

"Poppa happy."

"Uh-huh. Grandpa is happy, too."

"Ya-ya happy."

"Em, I don't think Boomer really cares at all if you have a good day, or not. He's a dog, and dogs don't care about those kinds of things."

"Yep. Ya-ya happy. Yep."

"Okay, well what's MOST important is that we make Jesus happy. And if we make Jesus happy, Mommy and Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa will be happy, too. You know that?"


I walk with her up to the building, where her 1-to-1 aide is waiting.

"Goo Moh-ning, Miff!" (Good morning, (Mrs.) Smith!)

Mrs. Smith replies with a cheery good morning, and a beautiful smile, and I walk away knowing that my child is in good hands, and is happy. What more could a mom ask for? (Other than maybe a good note from the teacher in that notebook every night. LOL)