Monday, May 16, 2011

So, Who Wrapped All of My Willow Tree Figures in Toilet Paper?

(As if anyone needed to ask?!?) LOL

I have six Willow Tree figures on a table in my room. They've been there for a while, standing in their positions without any trouble. Or at least I thought they were. But Emeline must have had some sort of conversation with them, unbeknownst to me, because I discovered yesterday that she had laid all 6 figures down, wrapped them in toilet paper (each one individually!), and then covered the entire group with a hand towel.
Who knows what they must have told her??? My best guess is that they were tired and cold. Tired of standing all the time, and cold because it was a cold day yesterday. So of course Em, being the helpful friend that she is, decided to help them out...or so I imagine. LOL
I can't wait for the day that she will be able to tell me why she does some of these crazy things!!!


The other day, while explaining to Emeline our plans for the day, I ended my statement with the question, "Okey-dokey?" Her reply (an attempt to repeat what I had said) made me giggle: "A weeka-weeka!"

I make no claims to understand how the brain processes speech, but that one just about did me in.

I was cracking up even more when Em used my phrase again later in the week, when she was asking permission to go outside to play. She said, "Mom. Emma Ott-side. A Weeka-weeka?"

I said, "You want to go outside?"

She said, "Yep."

"Okey-dokey," I replied. "A weeka-weeka!"

Sigh...I love that girl!

We're Still Here...

Yes, it has been 3 months since my last blog post. I'm sorry!
Between computer problems and being unable to upload pics, I have
been very unmotivated to blog. I mean, it's the picture that tells the story, right?! Or so I have been telling myself. But the reality is, I
have no idea how long it will be before my computer and camera software
will become friendly again (?), so my options are these two: either keep ignoring the blog, or just go ahead and tell the Em stories, even if I am disappointed to be doing so without accompanying pictures. Since I am notorious for failing to remember the things that everyone else remembers so easily, I have concluded that if I want to have any hope of remembering Em's childhood years, I'd best get to writin'. So, here we go again!