Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Coe Feet, or No Crying over Socks!

Before you get too impressed with the volume of posts I have for today,
let me tell you that I am going through my posts and kicking myself for the number of half-finished blog posts there are.

Here is one from April, 2011. I have no idea why I never posted it...

Emeline is obsessed with feet. Cold feet, specifically.
More often than not, I am bare-footed. Em frequently will
disappear into my bedroom and come out with a pair of socks,
and hand them to me, "Mom, Coe Feet." At that point, she wants
me to immediately sit down and put the socks on. It doesn't matter
if I'm stirring something on the stove, or cleaning the bathtub,
or whatever--cold feet rank right up there with national emergencies
in her book, apparently. And waiting 5 minutes to warm those tootsies
up is waiting 5 minutes too long.

Sometimes, I will humor her, and put the socks on, because my feet
actually are cold. LOL Other times, they aren't. Some times, I
just don't want to have socks on. So I won't put them on. I will
ask her to go and put the socks back in my room, because I don't want
to wear socks right then. You'd think I was telling her we were
giving each of her precious SpongeBob characters away or something,
she gets so upset. "Mom, no coe feet, Mom. Peas No coe feet."
She has even been known to cry, in her earnest and very sincere desire to protect my feet from the chill. I tell her, "This is NOT something that it is okay to cry over; this is SOCKS we're talking about here. I will have NO CRYING OVER SOCKS in this house!" And then I stop, and stand there, giggling at the utter ridiculousness that mommies sometimes hear themselves saying.

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