Saturday, January 8, 2011

Let's see...November, October....Is December Next?!?

It is here! LOL

Early December found us making back-to-back trips to Iowa City two days in a row, for appointments with the ophthalmologist and the dentist. We received good news from the ophthalmologist--no changes in Emeline's eyes, and no signs of cataracts. Having Down Syndrome puts her at greater risk for cataracts, as does taking steroids every day (which she does), so it is something we monitor twice a year. Her eye glasses Rx didn't change, so that was good news. Since I had just replaced her "lost" glasses in October, I was really hoping NOT to hear, "Oh, by the way, her Rx has changed." So that was very good news!

Her dentist appointment wasn't so great. She had two cavities. I cried.
I didn't cry because she had cavities. I cried because they had to strap her down with the pappoose board, and at that moment, I was just SICK of having to stand by and watch my girl go through one more ANYTHING. How silly of me to cry over a dentist appointment. But Em didn't know what was going on. It didn't matter that they were simply trying to brush her teeth. All she knew what that those people in the white coats are messing with me again, and I.DO.NOT.WANT.TO.BE.MESSED.WITH.ANY.MORE. PERIOD!!!!! And I just felt bad. I tried to hold them in, but the tears just rolled silently down my face. The dentist noticed and said, "Mom, I promise you, we're not hurting her." I told him, "I know you're not. She has just been through too many tests, pokes, and scans that no matter what it is, she's going to fight it. She is just DONE." So they did what they had to do, and I sucked it up, and as soon as we got out of there, we headed for the playground outside the clinic. And amazingly enough, all was instantly right with the world once again, when I heard the laugh, and my sweet girl say, "Fun, Mom!" as she climbed the steps to go down the slide, and smiled that beautiful smile. Even with two cavities in front.

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  1. *tears* You're such a strong, loving mama. I'm glad she was right back to having fun as soon as the appointment was over.