Monday, February 7, 2011

Newsflash!! Missing Underwear FOUND!!!


In Momma's CROCKPOT?!!?

Due to some medical complications, potty training Emeline has been an extremely long and frustrating on-going challenge for us here. While I am proud to say (but still feel the compulsion to whisper, for fear that actually speaking the words out loud might accidentally jinx it, or something) that Em is 99% potty-trained and wears BGP (big girl panties) almost all the time now, she still has
her moments where she decides she wants the ease and comfort of her old faithful Pull-ups. (Because yes, life is so much easier when you can just GO, and not have to worry about your pants suddenly being wet and therefore uncomfortable! Eww.) on one of her more rebellious days last week, she took off her BGP's and started wearing a Pull-up.
I went into the bathroom, intending to make her put the BGPs back on, but said BGP's were nowhere to be found. Upon asking the Big Girl where her BGP's were, I was met with a blank stare, such as one might expect if one were hearing a foreign language being spoken to them. But such was not the case.
Sigh...I looked in the hamper, in her toybox, under her bed....all the usual places, but the BGP's had vanished.
It wasn't until I got the crockpot out yesterday morning, intending to put a roast in it for Sunday dinner, that I finally solved the mystery of the vanished BGP's. AHA! Mystery solved! Just call me Nancy Drew! LOL
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  1. BEST Em story EVER!! Tag this one "Elle's favorite"!

  2. huh. Well, that's where I keep mine. ;)

    I LOVE your Emeline stories!

  3. What a hoot! Never a dull moment, huh?