Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Fun!


Emeline LOVES the snow. Absolutely loves it. If I would let her, she would be outside from about 5 minutes after she wakes up in the morning, until Bill gets home at night. She can put all of her snow gear on by herself, and many times she has come to me, all suited up in her snow gear, and I've had to say, "No, I'm sorry, it's too cold outside to go outside to play today." Tears usually follow, but sometimes that's just life.

Today it warmed up to near 40, so--much to Em's delight-- when she came to me and said, "Pway. Ah-sigh." I answered her, "Yes! Yes, you can play outside today!" I think for a moment she was shocked. For so many days in a row lately she has asked, and I've always answered, "No, I'm sorry. It's too cold to play outside today." But when I said yes this morning, her eyes got big and she asked again. (I guess she thought I didn't understand the question or something! LOL) "Pway. Ah-SIGH. Me. Emma. Go. Pway. Ah-Sigh." I answered her again, "Go ahead!" And off she went. Yay for playing in the snow!
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  1. yeah! for Emeline. I love the snow when I was a child. Played in it for hours.
    Dana W