Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Mystery Solved!

Baby Wipes are a hot commodity in this house. For a family withOUT any babies, we should probably NOT be going through a package every week. But lately, we have been. Tonight, I solved the mystery as to why that is.

I came upon this sight:
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But instead of doing what my initial reaction was--telling Emeline, "No! We don't use wipes as blankets for the baby!" I watched from a distance.
And my patience paid off.

No sooner than she had covered her baby with 6 of her handy little "blankets" (aka wipes), she picked them all up, and promptly disposed of them in the garbage. Then, she went straight back, and got the baby 6 NEW "blankets." (aka wipes) YIKES! No wonder I can't keep them on hand!

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