Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shhhh! Quiet time will be over soon enough!

I love my "all's quiet in the house" time, rare though it is.  I tend to be the early riser of the family (unless it's hunting season, and then, for some reason beyond my comprehension, Bill is ALWAYS able to wake before the crack of dawn, without an alarm, even! LOL). Most days I get up at least a half hour to an hour before the other two, and I like it that way.  I have my quiet time, and then I write my list of "To Do's" for the day. After those two things are done, I usually head to the basement to start some laundry, and then back upstairs to the kitchen. The dishwasher often needs to be unloaded after being started at bedtime the night before, and I'm pretty sure that Bill and Em are usually awakened by the sound of the clean glass plates being stacked on top of the other plates.  (At least that's when they usually decide to rise and shine!) ;)  Depending on what day it is, I may or may not make breakfast.  We usually have a big breakfast on one of the two weekend days; the rest of the week, it's either eggs or cereal, with the occasional oatmeal thrown in for good measure. Yesterday was not the "big breakfast day" for this weekend, so today is it!  Eggs, hash browns, and cinnamon rolls.  (Sorry, honey, I forgot to buy some bacon yesterday! Oops!  He will miss the bacon. Definitely.)

I hear little feet coming down the hallway, so yes, quiet time is now over. (Already?!) It's time to get breakfast made, and then get ready for church. I hope you have a great Sunday, and I hope you have some time just to enjoy "the quiet" today!

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