Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Great Idea That Really Wasn't Such a Great Idea After All

We were watching a movie tonight, and, as I usually do, before the movie started, I popped a bag of microwave kettle corn to enjoy while watching the movie. I was happily munching away on my tasty white pieces of yummy goodness when Emmie decided I should share my bounty. It was a big bowl, and I didn't mind sharing, so I told her she could have some, and she eagerly reached in with both hands. She picked up as many pieces as her pudgy fingers could hold, and began walking back to where she had been sitting on the floor. After one or two steps, though, pieces of popcorn started escaping from her hands, and falling to the floor. She looked down, and growled, quite exasparated. She bent over to try and pick up the pieces that she'd dropped, which resulted in even more pieces falling from her hands. "AHHH!" she exclaimed in frustration. Then, she had an epiphany.

She sat down on the floor and began executing her newly hatched plan. She pulled her sock away from her ankle, and began picking up the pieces of popcorn that had fallen onto the floor. She happily stuffed them down into her sock, grinning the entire time, until all of the popcorn that she'd dropped was safely tucked down her sock. I thought she would head back to where she had been sitting, to eat her rescued treat, but apparently she had decided that her plan had worked so well, she could come back for two more handfuls of popcorn. And so she did.

The same thing happened on her second trip, and she again sat down to put the fallen pieces of popcorn in her socks. To her great frustration, she discovered that all of the pieces she had stuffed in there from the first trip, had broken into tiny pieces, and there were no "whole" pieces left.

Apparently, at that point she came to the conclusion that maybe stuffing the popcorn down her socks wasn't such a great solution after all, because she gave up trying. Instead, she just sat down and dropped the two handfuls she still had in her hands, onto her dress, and began eating that popcorn piece by piece. When she had finished that, she took off her shoes, and then her socks, shaking little bits of popcorn all over the floor. She turned around, looked and me, and pointed to the floor, saying, "Mom! Mosh!" (Mom! Mess!) I just shook my head, trying not to laugh.

And then I picked up another piece of kettle corn, popped it into my mouth, and said, "That's okay. No big deal."

Sometimes a little mess is a small price to pay for a good giggle. :)

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