Saturday, October 23, 2010

You Know You're In Trouble When It's Quiet For Too Long

Daddy has been sick with the flu today, and because of that, I have tried to keep Emeline away from him---for BOTH of their sakes. He has spent most of the day in the living room (yes, it's nearest to the bathroom), so I have kept Emmie in our bedroom.

While I was in the kitchen making supper, I noticed she had not come in to check on me like she usually does. (Generally, about every 15 minutes of every day, ALL day long, if we are not in the same room, she will come and find me, and say, "Hi, Momma!" I say, "Hi, Em!", and then she usually heads back to whatever she had just left doing.) So it was unusual when I didn't hear from her. In fact, I remember taking Bill some Sprite and saying, "Have you heard from Emma?" When he replied, "No," I told him that was probably NOT a good thing. So I headed off to find her.

It didn't take long; she was right where I had left her, watching her favorite dvd, the LeapFrog Talking Words Factory, in our bedroom. I said, "Hey, girlie! I was wondering what happened to you! But you're just watching your movie, aren't you?" And, as the final words exited my mouth, I knew the answer to that was a resounding NO. Watching the movie was not what had kept her in the bedroom for such a long stretch; decorating my tv table was! Oops!


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